I. Sunny Salutations

Mango, a hint of Vanilla, Pineapple and a lil namaste
(Bow to the divine you):  pairs well with Charlotte Sauce infusion pop

II. Honolulu Sunset

Mango, strawberry & banana, pineapple, topped with strawberry & bananas and touch of pratyahara (Withdraw from Senses)  pairs well with Hawaiian Haze infusion pop.

III. Goddess of green smoke

Goddess of green smoke- Spinach,Kiwi, Pineapple, vanilla,  and a drizzle of sauca (purity) 

IV. Sunrise into Sunset

Mango, Pineapple, Antioxidant berries APB and Cheers!

Coffee Drinks

I. Campfire Love

A hot chocolate with a lil bit of marshmallow cream, topped with graham cracker crumble, chocolate chips and some love. 

III. Chai-On

An awesome shot of coffee, Chai, blended & drizzled with chocolate and a smile

II. Caramel crunch

English toffee cappuccino, Caramel topped with heath
topping and a mild sweet tooth. Can be served hot, cold, or blended. 

IIII. Ahimsa Coffee

Our signature blend house coffee served with compassion.

Craft your own beverage- Tell us what you want, and we’ll whip it, shake it, stir it up for you! $5.90

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